1909 E101 "Set of 50"
Honus Wagner (Throwing)

This issue featuring Pirates Hall-of-Fame legend Honus Wagner is one of 50 unnumbered cards within the E101 set. Published circa 1909, this set is from the same family as the four E92 issues, with the primary difference being that no sponsor is listed on the back of the E101 cards. Of the 50 total cards in the set, there are 45 different players and five variations. This "Throwing" variety example is the scarcer of two cards featuring Wagner within the set.

Honus Wagner's 21-year career (1897-1917) spanned two centuries. Considered by many to be the greatest shortstop of all-time, Wagner won eight different National League batting titles (tied for most ever), was a World Series champion in 1909, amassed a total of 3,420 hits, and finished his career with a lifetime batting average of .328. In 1936, he was one of the first five players inducted into the Hall-of-Fame.

This very attractive example is well-centered for the issue. It has outstanding overall surface quality, with smooth unabraded edges, light to moderate even corner wear, and an unblemished interior. The borders are a bright creamy-white hue and exceptionally clean, with just one small print spot at about 1:00. The printing is exceptionally bold, with a well-registered image of Wagner and fresh vibrant pastel-colored artwork. And finally, the back features sharply impressed black lettering. This is the finest PSA graded example, and one of just a mere 10 copies certified in total.

Price: $5,950.00
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